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Wed Dec 4 14:34:06 UTC 2019

Hello Simon,

I am by no means an expert on using gstreamer, the applications nor
libraries, and I somewhat struggled to get things going.

I might be way off, totally wrong, but from what I understand is that
tcpserversink is more like a mechanism/feature one uses to create an
endpoint for (a) stream(s). (of course you can change that stream with all
kinds of options). I believe it's intended use is more for when you have a
whole bunch of streams and want to make one stream of it with multiple
"channels" so you can direct that stream or it's channels elsewhere, as if
it were an object as in coding. (I am sure I am totally wrong with the
exact terminology).  You would still have to "tap into it" by embedding it
in some HTML object (regardless if you would use HTTP or HTTPS, because it
is still a stream and not some well defined thing a browser would
understand.  At some point I was actually looking at apache server plugins
to connect to a tcpserversink (I tried some other sinks too), but that got
too complicated, I just wanted something that could display IP cameras in
an HTML window/object and was not looking into moving around video streams
most efficiently

I actually tried using it, and couldn't figure it out.  That why I decided
to use the thing that I sent earlier, it was easier for me to understand,
and did what I want,  embed a stream in to a browser, that most (preferably
all) browsers would understand.

The stream I converted it into looks like a URL to a "movie file" and is
"HTTP",  I can do that because I access those cameras over a separate
network, and nothing else is on it.  Serving it just depends on how you set
(for example) your apache server up. I guess you could stream using a HTTPS
URI instead of a HTTP one,  but it sounds like you would need some extra
filters, a certificate etc etc etc. (and I didn't want to go there either.)

anyway,  the thing I posted earlier seems to work for me,  I never
reallygot the tcpserversink mechanism to work for embedding a stream into a
web page.


On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 3:34 AM Simon Brown <simon.k.brown at> wrote:

> Hi Ron,
> Thanks for that - I'm looking at tcpserversink now, and think it should do
> what I need, but there's very little documentation on it.  One page I found
> suggests it will serve video to a TCP/HTTP connection.  But if my page is
> HTTPS, can it also serve it over an HTTPS connection?  And does the web
> browser then need to connect to two different ports (the standard HTTPS
> port and the video HTTP/S port)?
> Cheers,
> Simon
> On Wed, 4 Dec 2019 at 03:17, R C <cjvijf at> wrote:
>> this is what I use,  I do that in a daemon written in C though:
>> "uridecodebin uri=%s name=d ! queue ! theoraenc ! oggmux name=m !
>> tcpserversink host=192.168.x.y port=8080 d. ! queue ! audioconvert !
>> audioresample ! flacenc ! m."
>> where the %s in uri=%s,  is the url of where your rtsp stream is coming
>> from.
>> Ron
>> On 12/3/19 3:19 AM, Simon Brown wrote:
>> On Mon, 2 Dec 2019 at 20:12, alex_jeff <alexanderjefferson1993 at>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I need to send a stream to a webpage so that the user can see the stream
>>> using a browser. I have already installed a webserver (apache) on my
>>> target
>>> system (which is an embedded system running debian9), I have spent hours
>>> of
>>> googling to find a solution, none of them were successful, I was
>>> wondering
>>> if someone could make it clear whether this is possible or not, if its
>>> possible, could you please give me an example for that. I think I have
>>> already tried almost every related example I found on the net.
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Alex.
>>> P.S: stability and latency really matter for my application.
>>> Hi Alex,
>> I've been trying to do the same thing, and have attempted to use the
>> gstwebrtc-demos sendrecv program.  But I keep getting errors when it's
>> trying to connect.
>> But in theory that's the lowest latency option.
>> Let me know how you get on.
>> Regards,
>> Simon
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