How to encode timestamp into each frame of a RTSP stream

k4ustav kaustav.ghosh28 at
Wed Dec 11 13:03:41 UTC 2019


I am streaming video using RTSP. Here I have access to both server and
client. Now I want to encode timestamp to each frame so that I can access
the timestamp from the client pipeline.

Right now I have tried the following options,

1. Set PTS of each frame manually at the server. But on the client, PTS
absolute value is not preserved. So, this doesn't work.
2. I tried to access GstBuffer metadata and write inside it. But GstBuffer
metadata is not preserved beyond the server. Because of this, the client is
not able to access the metadata.
3. Access each frame buffer and replace first pixel content with the
timestamp. I can read the first pixel data on the client and get to know the
timestamp. Although it works, it's not an ideal solution. 

Please help me to find a way to encode/embed the timestamp into the frame at
the server so that I can retrieve it from the client pipeline. 


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