Synchronization precision

RiccardoCagnasso riccardo at
Mon Jul 1 22:44:11 UTC 2019

Nicolas Dufresne-5 wrote
> I believe some vendors have a solution, but they kept it for themselves. I
> have tackled the idea, but the first thing I notice (with seperate
> screens)
> is that I would also need to sync the display clock, and that requires
> more
> hardware.

Well you can sync the display clock - in theory - with nvidia quadros and
they are as cheap as 100 euro.
If you need to sync the display clock of different computers, you can use
quadro sync cards. They are sure expensive and probably a mess to configure
on linux. But not nearly as expensive as the solutions that are used to
tackle the problem in the industry now.

If we can get near-perfect sync on the same monitor, then the problem should
be solved with hardware and OS configuration. But, as far as I know, at the
moment, the problem presents itself on the same video card and even on the
same monitor.

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