Synchronization precision

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Wed Jul 3 15:01:31 UTC 2019

Le mardi 02 juillet 2019 à 12:07 -0500, RiccardoCagnasso a écrit :
> Wait a second. If I understand correctly, would it mean that the solution
> could simply be to enable vertical synchrony in glimagesink (vulkansink)? 

Vertical synchronization (waiting for the vblank to pass) would ensure
that you systematically render on the next vblank. Though, if your
system has a higher then usual load, this next vblank may drift back
and forth. It also creates gaps where the stream thread goes idea,
which may cause frame rate drops.

I believe there is another mechanism in GL, I forgot the name,
something around async render. Which you can sync with some frame
counter. I have never used that one, but the Wayland Presentation
Timestamp protocol is meant to be used to implement this feature in GL
through a compositor. That being said, only Weston implements this
protocol, I have no idea if Mesa is using it.

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