Fast Forwarding A Stream On UDP Working On udpsink

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Sat Jul 6 13:02:36 UTC 2019

Le sam. 6 juill. 2019 05 h 10, fmbslayer <fmbslayer at> a écrit :

> Hi;
> I do a stream over udp using udpsink, I am able to view it from vlc.
> However
> when I do use send_event to the pipeline for fastforwarding or frame
> forwarding the stream stops.
> I used this link as a reference for send_event ing.
> I suspect udpsink does not support fast-forwarding, is there anything I can
> do to solve this problem?

udpsink will fast-forward, this is unlikely the problem. But the other side
won't know, and will playback at normal speed. In RTSP protocol. What your
sender could do is transcode to higher speed, dropping frames to avoid
increasing the bandwidth.

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