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Mon Jul 8 19:27:18 UTC 2019

Since you're building on CentOS 6.9, you're going to run into a lot of
dependency issues since the versions of everything shipped there are
so old. You'll definitely want to enable the EPEL repos since they
ship newer versions of many packages, and use Autotools because Meson
requires Python 3.5 or newer, which is only available on CentOS 7 +

You should be able to use the gst-uninstalled script to setup a
GStreamer build using Autotools:

Since you can't use `sudo yum-builddep gstreamer1-*` on CentOS, you'll
have to install the development packages for the dependencies by hand.
The core dependencies of gstreamer are: libffi, glib2, zlib. libffi
and zlib from CentOS repos should be fine, but you'll have to build
glib yourself. Use glib 2.58 since after that release glib removed its
Autotools build system.

As for (optional) plugin dependencies, ffmpeg will be automatically
downloaded and built by the gst-libav autotools build. You will
probably want to install or build other external deps depending on
what plugins you need. Ask here on the mailing list if you can't
figure out what plugin is needed for a specific codec or feature.
It'll probably be easiest to have a separate machine with gstreamer
1.16 (on debian, fedora, etc) installed to compare.

You should clone the 1.16 branches for all gstreamer repos, not
master. Easiest way is to use `git clone -b 1.16 <repo url>`. If the
versions of external deps you want are too new in 1.16 and you can't
build them yourself, you can try the 1.14 branches.

All the best!


On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 11:55 PM budakf <budakf at> wrote:
> Thanks for response.
> I have also one question, Are there any other way that building from source
> code ? Because I have use Centos 6.9 , gstreamer1.x is not available  in
> Centos repositories. Probably I have to build gstreamer from source code.
> Thanks for all
> Fatih
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