Can the identity plugin cause frame drop?

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>> The handoff will be emitted for every buffer and won’t drop buffers.
>> Recall, however, that signals block. I suspect that you have an indirect
>> buffer drop on nvcamerasrc.
>> Nvcamera src has an internal (limited) buffer queue. If you block the
>> processing on the signal callback for too long, the queue will start
>> filling up and, eventually, drop buffers. I believe that you can increase
>> this queue size a lot, but if your signal processing takes more than 33ms
>> (assuming a 30fps capture), eventually you’ll end up losing buffers in the
>> same way.
>> Make sure the processing your are doing on the callback actually is below
>> your period deadline. If it’s below, but high, I recommend adding a queue
>> after the identity to split processing in different threads.
> Michael, after the identity? Not before?
Just to clarify: I'm seeing a drop I guess in nvcamerasrc since my identity
signal callback ("handoff") is dumping the frame numbers per buf and that's
where I see what appears to be drops/gaps between them.

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