playback H264 encoded file too fast

jles jlesquer at
Thu Jul 11 08:55:57 UTC 2019

Hi Vinod,

Thanks for your answer. I'd like to understand this better....

I'm already adding timestamps:
        g_object_set(G_OBJECT(appsrc), "do-timestamp", TRUE, NULL);
	GST_BUFFER_PTS (buffer) = timestamp;
	GST_BUFFER_DURATION (buffer) = gst_util_uint64_scale_int (1, GST_SECOND,
(guint8) fps);
	timestamp += GST_BUFFER_DURATION (buffer);

What happens with them? are they deleted during H264 encoding?

I'm using a hardware video codec unit, and only allows H264/H265
compression, if the above is true, what would it be the best way to add the
timestamps after encoding?

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