Frame skip problem in 1080p-30fps in Raspberry pi4 using Gstreamer

Aditya Oza aditya.oza at
Wed Jul 17 05:19:04 UTC 2019

I running this command on my new latest raspberry pi 4 - 4 GB model and image
file is raspbian duster.

I check cpu and memory usage when my command is running.

cpu: average 30%
memory: 203 mb

I run this command not directly in terminal, once I have create c file after
compile it run a.out file.

One thing I Observe while running a.out file htop show multiple process of

I attached here image fi </file/t378874/Capture1.png> le while running a.out

Please suggest me how to get perfect recording without frame skipping  in
1080p ??

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