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I am trying to built a GStemaer network in C which includes the following
audio arc pipeline : alsasrc -> tee -> queue -> interaudiosink
encoding  pipeline: v4lsrc -> convert -> intervideosink ==== intervideosrc
-> ...->

                                                     mux -> filesink

                           interaudiosrc ->

I cannot use gstproxy as I am using an old Gstreamer version 1.8.x ( I had
problems with installing 1.14.2) on the Ubuntu 16.04.
The problem is that the audio and video are not synchronized and have a
constant gap of ~800[mSec]
I have tried to modify ts-offset and set do-timestamps parameters and
change queue values.

The problem is that until the video is starting to encode the audio lane
includes extra 800[mSec] of data which has to be dropped and the newlly
arriving timne stamp has to be reduced by 800[mSec] so the later mux will
sync them.

my constraints: there are multiple video streams and a single audio stream
which has to be merged with all these video streams. all video streams have
to be independent.

What am I doing wrong?

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