Jetson Tx2 Omxh264dec Fast-Forwarding 1080p Stream Black Frames

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Sat Jul 20 01:19:25 UTC 2019

Le ven. 19 juill. 2019 10 h 25, Osman Berk <osmanberkx0x at> a
écrit :

> Hello;
> I use omxh264enc , for encoding, I do encode two 576p cameras and one 1080p
> camera. While recording, I try to stream 1080p footage at x4 however the
> stream is not smooth, there are black frames inside the video around %50 of
> the time.
> What is the problem?
> The problem does not occur with avdec_h264, is it about omxh264dec? Is
> there
> a way to solve it while staying on gpu decoding?

Even under pressure, a decoder should never produce black frames. You
should report this to Nvidia, we (the GStreamer community) cannot fix that
since this falls in the closed source part of the Jetson SDK.

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