Send the original frame and a scaled version in a single buffer?

Fabián Orccón cfoch.fabian at
Mon Jul 22 04:18:01 UTC 2019

I see a common practice in image processing to gain improve the speed
scaling down the image or getting the pyramid of an image, so the process
(for example object detection) is done on the scaled image and the output
of the process mapped to the original one by applying a scale factor for

I wonder if there is an element available in GStreamer that allows me to
whether scale down or apply a pyramid while keeping the original buffer, or
maybe you can suggest something different. And... I think that using a tee
may be a solution, but would be annoying to work with multiple branches in
the pipeline (at least to me) because I am not sure if in that case I
believe I would have to synchronize both branches.

Fabián Orccón
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