Gstreamer itself has hundreds of plugins so how to read tcpdump of rstp

darius manta103g at
Mon Mar 4 23:09:29 UTC 2019


"Gstreamer itself has hundreds of plugins

so which plugin can reassembly rtsp frames from saved tcp dump ( wifi
monitor) ?

I have IP camera ( WiFi Direct camera) which can stream live video

Driver on-the-go is a user/s to watch front and back of his/her car while
so he/she has no time for wifi pairing, clicking selecting, taking time

so video player should work that way

receiving wifi signal from my camera and other devices , filtering out rtsp
stream from  my IP camera (not encrypted), reassembly it to be play back in
video player.

If GStreamer can read rtsp video stream and save it to mp4 file so it can
process individual rtsp frames, extracting video content
an d this video content can be played back in video player like VLC

but VLC accepts rtsp IP address and port
but I don't have rtsp IP address for tcp pairing
since TCP dump saved in wifi monitor mode is as is, is a mix of signals from
many wifi transmitters in parallel.

Do you know a proper plugin for GStramer, to work for me ?

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