Re-connect of tcpserversrc - play time problem

fightling fightling at
Thu Mar 7 13:11:55 UTC 2019

Hi again,

after some tries, I've managed to restart tcpserversrc successfully so
that I can reconnect to that source with e.g. ffmpeg after a disconnect.
But when I do, ffmpeg runs at higher speed until the playtime of the
pipeline is reached and therefore I see can a picture only after the
playtime of my reconnected ffmpeg source is in sync again with the
pipeline's playtime.

What I expect - or wish - is that the ffmpeg source video starts at the
beginning. Imagine a pause loop I want to re-connect to a pipeline that
was running for a long time. I want the pause video to be seen
immediately - not when it is in sync again.

I've already tried to use set_base_time() and set_start_time() to
correct this but the overall pipeline is managing the playtime for all
elements and afaik I can only stop this behavior for the whole pipeline
at once and this causes problems at other parts of the pipeline.

What can I do to modify the tcpserversrc in a way that the incoming
video starts at the current playtime of the pipeline?

regards, fightling.

fightling at
fightling at

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