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dabrain34 wrote
> Hello,
> You can have a look to two projects providing a graphical approach to
> GStreamer:
> I'm contributing to the first project.
> Best regards.
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pipeviz is more or less what I'm looking for.. but some dynamic spects I'm
interested are'nt managed.
As far as I can understand reading the code, sometimes pad are'nt managed at
all, so eg. I can't create a pipeline with a demux.
I known, sometimes pads requires some code to be connected, but I'm thinking
to write some "standard actions" (and maybe "custom actions" in a future).
So graphically one can attach an action like "connect to element x" to the
new-pad signal, or something.

Request pads in pipeviz are managed yes, but statically: one can request a
pad so is available to be linked to other element. But I need to known at
runtime if a request pad is created so the graphics can be updated. That
signal cannot be fired by the element itself because I cannot modify or
subclass every possible element available in the plugins, just to add that

So I wonder if there is a way at core level to receive a "new-req" signal,
or if there is another (better?) way to achieve my goal (may be subclassing
at runtime thanks to some glib magics..).

I hope my english is good enough to explain my request.

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