Graphical tool to show/manipulate pipelines

dabrain34 scerveau at
Thu Mar 14 14:18:26 UTC 2019


I'm happy to see that you'd like to participate to this project.
As you noticed, yes this project does not support dynamic pad such in a
demuxer in a correct way yet. 
I'm having an idea also of a wrapper which allows to abstract the graphical
and the gstreamer part.

Right now the graphical part is the exact representation of the gstreamer
pipeline which should be more decorrelate.

Regarding demuxer which are the most important because dynamic element we
need to support, most of them trigger the "no-more-pads" signal too.
So we could imagine to trigger a play and wait for this signal to create and
draw the pads related to the element.

Please feel free to provide design document or branch related to your

Best regards.

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