Image Interference Problem with qmlglsink on Windows

Ilya Aleshkov ilya.aleshkov at
Wed Mar 20 13:52:01 UTC 2019


Klaus wrote
> I compiled and run the qmlsink example 
> (\gst-plugins-good\tests\examples\qt\qmlsink\) with QtCreator and it works 
> as expected showing the "videotestsrc" image. At this point I didn't
> notice 
> any issue, because the "videotestsrc" image is nearly static without real 
> movement. To play a real video from file I changed the pipeline to
> "playbin 
> ! glupload ! qmlglsink" and set the "uri" property from playbin to an .mp4 
> file. And suddenly I saw heavy image interference like flickering, tearing 
> and some artifacts. The same happend when using other sources like IP 
> camera. When there is real movement in the image one can see the 
> interference. If it's a still image it seems to be ok. If you use 
> "videotestsrc" and set "pattern" to 11 and "horizontal-speed" to 4 the
> issue 
> is visible as well.

I have exactly the same issue on my desktop with GTX 1050 Ti. Klaus, do you
have any progress resolving it or some workaround?

Klaus wrote
> * the issue appears on three PC's with different hardware, so it's not a 
> problem with the graphics card or driver or something.

I should note that I have one PC where qmlsink works without any visual
artifacts - Microsoft Surface 6 with Intel Core i5-8250U (Intel UHD Graphics
It seems it's still a graphics driver issue.


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