RTPsource : h264/rtp packets not received (update_receiver_stats: probation)

sk_gst venkateshkuppan26 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 13:21:45 UTC 2019


For simplicity I did not mention the complete pipeline I use. The actual
pipelines uses the 3 ports at sender and receiver just like in the
documentation of the element 'rtpbin'. I did not follow the convention of
using even and odd ports and the current setting looks like this: (however I
will correct this with the convention now)

Sender  : 5001 - RTP send,      5002 - RTCP send,  5005 - RTCP receive
Receiver: 5001 - RTP receive,   5002 - RTCP recv,   5005 - RTCP send

So the sender and receiver reports are available on 5002 and 500

I did not understand the following : "I do not understand you you are
getting sender reports from your 
Gstreamer sender device since you are not sending out RTCP. "  Could you
please let me know what you mean here? 

I would test the system again with your suggested hints and update


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