Error resolution or example for webrtcdsp with webrtcechoprobe

ankit ankit.patel1 at
Tue Mar 26 11:22:42 UTC 2019

Hello Nicolas,

> Maybe your ALSA driver isn't exactly of the quality you need ? Maybe 
> you didn't really configure 80ms the right way ? Please share a little 
> more information and we may be able to help. 

I am not getting this about quality. Current implementation works good
without dsp implementation.
Let me know in terms of what you are asking.

> I can suggest trying the experimental delay-agnostic feature, but 
> without context, I'm proposing you some plaster which may lead to sub- 
> optimal performance. To validate your latency, I strongly recommend 
> using audiolatency element. 
> It works better when you wire the signal back in a close loop, but 
> should also work with a mic facing speaker. You simply run this, and it 
> will measure the roundtrip latency for you (with the appropriate setup 
> added of course). 
>   alsasrc ! audiolatency ! alsasink buffer-time=80000

As I am working on openembedded(yocto) platform which don't provide
audiolatency plugin.
I also tried to enable delay-agnostic in webrtcdsp but output result is the
same with echo.

Let me know if more information required.


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