Gstreamer + Clutter + Wayland

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Thu Mar 28 15:57:07 UTC 2019

Hello everybody,

I tried to run Gstreamer rtsp video playback on Raspberry Pi embedded into
Clutter stage in Wayland, but the video seems very slow.
We compiled Wayland/Weston this way:

In order to get clutter library with Wayland support, we also recompiled
libclutter-1.0, clutter-gst and clutter-gtk
In order to take advantage of hardware video deconding, I was forced to
recompile gst-plugins-bad as well as gst-omx suited for Raspberry Pi.
The result is much slower performance compared to the same application
running on top of X11.
I would like to point out that the source of all these libraries were the
same version as packages in Raspbian repository in order to keep
compatibility with the other libraries' versions installed in the system.
We also tried to avoid installing as many libraries which were about to
install mesa related stuff as we already installed Mesa from sources.
Does anyone have any idea how to find where the bottleneck of the
application is? We found out that standalone Gstreamer element Waylandsink
gives reasonable results when playing  pipeline rtsp video from rtspsrc
element sinking to Waylandsink omxh264dec, but utilitizing Clutter gives
very poor performance.
On X11, the same application with same versions of all these libraries runs
reasonably fast. Maybe we should recompile all these libraries from
up-to-date sources in order to get newest versions, but I guess finding the
part which slows down the entire system would probably be the key for the
solution, but does anyone know how to profile it?

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