should v4l2h264dec add "video/x-raw(memory:DMABuf)" besides "video/x-raw"?

Halley Zhao aihua.halley.zhao at
Thu May 9 03:04:51 UTC 2019

Hi experts:
v4l2h264dec claims it supports "video/x-raw" format only, but it may use
dmabuf format (its capture-io-mode supports
rw/mmap/userptr/dmabuf/dmabuf-import). should it add
"video/x-raw(memory:DMABuf)" as well.
on nxp imx8 bsp, I found caps negotiation goes with "video/x-raw"
(diskplay->shm_formats), but buffer flows with
dmabuf(display->dmabuf_formats), because there is
in log.

I met issue that caps negotiation fails between v4l2h264dec and
because on my platform (imx8 + customized weston), v4l2h264dec claims it
support video/x-raw with NV12 format, waylandsink claims it support
video/x-raw without NV12 format, plus video/x-raw(memory:DMABuf) with NV12
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