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Mon May 13 04:44:59 UTC 2019

So I manages to get some streaming going, but using ffmpeg but want to 
use gstreamer really  (ffmpeg creates a bunch of files and the player 
somehow starts 3 minutes after the current time.

So I would like to accomplish the same as I have working with ffmpeg:

Here is what I am using.

this is the html:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><header><title>Live Cam</title><script 
hlsStart() { if (Hls.isSupported()) { var video = 
document.getElementById('video'); var hls = new Hls(); // bind them 
together hls.attachMedia(video); hls.on(Hls.Events.MEDIA_ATTACHED, 
function () { console.log("video and hls.js are now bound together !"); 
hls.on(Hls.Events.MANIFEST_PARSED, function (event, data) { 
console.log("manifest loaded, found " + data.levels.length + " quality 
level"); }); }); } } </script></header><body onload="hlsStart();"><video 
id="video" autoplay="true" controls="controls"></video></body></html>

and this is what I am doing with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i 
-y -c:a aac -b:a 160000 -ac 2 -s 960x540 -c:v libx264 -b:v 800000 
-hls_time 10 -hls_list_size 10 -start_number 1 mystream.m3u8

any suggestions?  (I probably need an Apache plugin, or something like 



On 5/7/19 4:13 AM, Marc Leeman wrote:
> I don't think you need to transcode, H.264 should also be supported by
> the browsers.
> On Tue, 7 May 2019 at 09:10, Ralf Sippl <ralf.sippl at> wrote:
>> Hi Ron,
>> if the pipeline works, you got the GStreamer part right. Of course there are
>> two streams, video and audio. Each is sent to a different UDP port.
>> Now you need to run the receiving part, i.e. Janus. The streaming demo
>> listens to the ports your pipeline sends to. This is obviously off-topic
>> here, use the Janus site, or contact me if that doesn't work.
>> You can use webrtcbin instead, as Nirbheek suggested, but I found it harder
>> to set up (you need to run the websocket part on your own), and it will be a
>> 1-to-1 connection, so you can't use it for broadcast.
>> Ralf
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