Remove all users from RTSP server and allow unrestricted access to stream

ashubhatt at
Wed May 15 10:52:12 UTC 2019

According to the sample program (test-auth.c) of rtsp-server :
An access role can be added using gst_rtsp_media_factory_add_role(). 
And user authentication can be added to a rtsp stream using
gst_rtsp_auth_make_basic() and gst_rtsp_auth_add_basic() APIs. 

Once the user is added to the stream, I want to remove the user
authentication and make the access to rtsp stream unrestricted. However,
when I remove the users from the GstRTSPAuth using
gst_rtsp_auth_remove_basic() and try to access the stream from VLC, it asks
for authentication. I cannot get unrestricted access to rtsp stream!

Any idea how I can remove all the users from a particular stream and make it
unrestricted again?

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