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Fri May 17 11:49:24 UTC 2019

Le ven. 17 mai 2019 03 h 10, xrataj00 <rataj28 at> a écrit :

> Using ROI would be even better for my application, thanks for pointing this
> out. I have test it and it works only in CBR, is it somehow possible to set
> QP for the whole scene and apply some delta QP for the ROIs? Thank you.

I didn't know about this limitation. It's probably VA driver specific. How
the delta-qp works, is that you can set a default, default-delta-qp
property, and on each ROI, you can override it, the ROI meta has a
GstStructure, and you can set delta-qp field in it. The qp for the whole
scene is also configurable, but won't work in constant quality mode I think
(the default qp mode).

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