gstreamer hangs at the beginning

Faruk farukkilavuz at
Fri May 17 14:26:14 UTC 2019

I work on buildroot. I use Alwinner A13 microprocess. I struggle for play
video with gstreamer-1.0. I opened necessary elements on buildroot and make
my buildroot.

I use gst-play-1.0 --videosink "fbdevsink device=/dev/fb0" testvideo.mpeg !
mpeg2dec ! mpegdemux ! ffdec_mpegvideo ! videoconvert ! fbdevsink. Video
playing after it freeze on 500ms.

Logs this:

Press 'k' to see a lis of keyboard shortcuts.
Now playing /usr/bin/estvideo.mpeg
Redistribute latency...
Redistribute latency...
Redistribute latency...

Video came on screen and freeze. It does not playing. Have any suggestions
about the problem? Thanks

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