v4l2h264dec Raspberry PI

horai ivo.hora at seznam.cz
Sat May 18 08:56:17 UTC 2019

If it is not correct, just give me a hint and I will do what is necessary.
Anyway, I rebuild gstreamer-plugin-base as well as gtreamer-plugin-good with
kernel header of 4.19.* in the system. Now it was compiled with dma-buf.h
included and the following message is gone:
gstdmabuf.c:93:gst_dmabuf_mem_unmap:<dmabufallocator2> Using DMABuf without

Anyway, the following warning is still present:
pi at raspberrypi:~ $ ./playFile 
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
0:00:01.449266020 23614  0x1feda80 WARN                 basesrc
gstbasesrc.c:3600:gst_base_src_start_complete:<filesrc0> pad not activated
Pipeline is PREROLLING ...
0:00:01.457391198 23614  0x1de5320 WARN                    v4l2
gstv4l2object.c:4194:gst_v4l2_object_probe_caps:<v4l2h264dec0:src> Failed to
probe pixel aspect ratio with VIDIOC_CROPCAP: Invalid argument
0:00:01.468336190 23614  0x1de5320 WARN            v4l2videodec
Duration invalid, not setting latency
0:00:01.477499274 23614  0x1de5320 WARN          v4l2bufferpool
Uncertain or not enough buffers, enabling copy threshold
0:00:01.508788331 23614 0x6f313830 WARN          v4l2bufferpool
Driver should never set v4l2_buffer.field to ANY

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