gst_pipeline_set_clock() doesn't take effect

Tim Müller tim at
Mon May 20 06:37:57 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2019-05-20 at 10:17 +0800, Halley Zhao wrote:


>   then I try to use my customized clock to control the video playback
> (in fact, I used the above pipeline inside a bigger/complete
> pipeline). however, I found gst_pipeline_set_clock() doesn't work for
> me.
>   I call gst_pipeline_set_clock() before setting the pipeline to
> PLAYING state, and gst logs shows it take effect (the clock is set to
> each element); but when the pipeline changed state to
> PAUSED, gst_bin_provide_clock_func() return NULL (it is strange),
> and gst_system_clock_obtain() is called to update the clock.

Have you tried gst_pipeline_use_clock() yet?


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