Gstreamer1.0 : memory leak

dabrain34 scerveau at
Mon May 20 13:05:51 UTC 2019

Dear Rohan,Here is a script i'm using to clean up the glib false positive
leaks:/export G_SLICE=always-mallocexport G_DEBUG=gc-friendlyexport
--trace-children=yes --track-fds=yes --time-stamp=yes
--tool=memcheck--leak-check=full --leak-resolution=high
--freelist-vol=10000000 --show-reachable=yes--num-callers=40 ${SUPP}"GOTO=">
result.txt 2>&1"valgrind $OPTS $* > result.txt 2>&1/ glibc-2.supp
gst.supp <> 
Hope it helps.

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