Is there sample code to set external wl_surface to waylandsink?

Halley Zhao aihua.halley.zhao at
Wed May 22 06:27:58 UTC 2019

Hi Expert:
  I tried to create a wl_surface/wl_display, then set them to waylandsink,
but it fails to playback. if I don't set wl_surface/wl_display to
waylandsink, playback works well (it uses the wl_surface created by
waylandsink itself).
  so, I seek simple sample code to start with, is there any sample code to
set external wl_surface to waylandsink?

  I set wl_surface to waylandsink by gst_video_overlay_set_window_handle().
and wl_display is set to waylandsink by gst_element_set_context() as
GstContext *
gst_wayland_display_handle_context_new (struct wl_display * display)
  GstContext *context =
  gst_structure_set (gst_context_writable_structure (context),
      "handle", G_TYPE_POINTER, display, NULL);
  return context;

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