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Fri May 24 03:09:40 UTC 2019

Hi Stephen,I was able to use Qtdemux "pad-added" signal to link the filesrc
to h264parse. Now the video RTSP video is streaming properly.The rtsp
streaming is as follows :     1. appsink pipeline is created :
filesrc->qtdemux->h264parse->appsink     2. RTSP appsrc pipeline is created
:  appsrc->decodebin->rth264pay               appsrc name=mysrc ! decodebin
! x264enc byte-stream=true tune=zerolatency ! rtph264pay name=pay0 pt=96   
3.  The need-data signal of appsrc push the byte samples from appsinkNow I
need to add audio also to this pipeline. So I modified the appsink to:      
filesrc-->                    qtdemux                                  
queue-->h264parse->appsink                                  queue-->
aacparse -->appsink                                  I am able to Link the
audio and video caps inside the "pad-added" signal call-back of qtdemux. 1.
How can push the samples from appsink to RTSP appsrc ? Do I need 2 appsrc
element (for audio and video)  in same pipeline ?2. How can I sync the audio
and video ?

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