Trying to understand the latency tracer

Damian Vicino sdavtaker at
Fri May 24 15:31:52 UTC 2019

I found documentation on how to enable the GStreamer latency tracer
exporting variables from the shell as follows:

export GST_TRACERS=latency

As showed here

I got log lines as the following one:
0:35:08.123456789     362   0x7f434c00fd40  TRACE           GST_TRACER :0::
latency, src=(string)nicesrc4_src, sink=(string)nicesink2_sink,
time=(guint64)123456789, ts=(guint64)1234567890123

I couldn't find documentation of that are the meaning of the different
parts of that log line.

Can someone point me to the right documentation or help me understand what
I'm reading there?

Best regards,
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