Is there any example to subclass GstSystemClock?

yuan.fang whitefangyuan at
Tue May 28 13:03:56 UTC 2019

Hi expert

I met a same issue with you , have you get an example or guidance to
subclass GstSystemClock?

Halley Zhao wrote
> I looked into GstAudioClock, pulsesink; and find that the simple solution
> may be creating a GstAudioClock with customized GstAudioClockGetTimeFunc.
> expect it will work for me.
>   GST_AUDIO_BASE_SINK (pulsesink)->provided_clock =
>       gst_audio_clock_new ("GstPulseSinkClock",
>       (GstAudioClockGetTimeFunc) gst_pulsesink_get_time, pulsesink, NULL);
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