how to flush the GstBuffers in pipeline without stop it (GST_STATE_NULL)?

Halley Zhao aihua.halley.zhao at
Wed May 29 11:35:37 UTC 2019

Hi expert:

  I use a simple gst pipeline (appsrc->v4l2h264decode->waylandsink) inside
a bigger pipeline of my own (not gst framework, handles demux, audio etc).
## issue
  I meet issue for seek.  when I seek backward (sometime before current
time), the clock is reset to a previous time and new buffer comes with
smaller pts. but the cached buffer in gst pipeline has a bigger pts than
new clock time, video rendering will be blocked for long time.
  is there any decent way to overcome this?
  I think the possible solution may flush the cached buffer during seek,
but I don't find a quick way to do so.
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