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Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at ndufresne.ca
Fri May 31 12:11:47 UTC 2019

Le jeudi 30 mai 2019 à 22:30 -0400, John Hanks a écrit :
> In case others are having similar problems.  gst-shark is not providing the output it should.
> Has anyone else had similar issues?

The latency and interlatency tracers in GstShark are no longer useful
in my opinion. Julian and I (Collabora) have fixed many issues and came
up with a completely upstream solution for this.

Since 1.16, you can now use the upstream latency tracer to get three
type of information:

  - Complete pipeline latency
  - Per element latency (not the cumulative like interlatency did)
  - Per element reported latency

To enable all of these:

GST_TRACERS="latency(flags=pipeline+elemen+reported)" GST_DEBUG=GST_TRACER:7 ./...

The initial issue we had with the RidgeRun implementation was a bug
inherited from the original upstream tracer. The time spent in the the
wait function of the sink was included. We also found that the
cumulative latency wasn't so nice to debug the reported latency. The
reported latency tracing is completely new. That being said, thanks to
RidgeRun for the proof of concept.


> John
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> Subject:	Vsicorp: Problems with GstShark - RidgeRun
> Date:	Wed, 29 May 2019 14:50:45 +0000 (GMT)
> From:	Carlos Rodriguez <carlos.rodriguez at ridgerun.com>
> To:	John Hanks <jhanks at vsicorp.com>, support <support at ridgerun.com>
> CC:	Miguel Angel Taylor López <miguel.taylor at ridgerun.com>
> Hi John,
> Thanks for your interest in our products and services. RidgeRun is a company with over a decade of embedded Linux experience supporting NVIDIA, Xilinx, Freescale/NXP, and Texas Instruments SoC. RidgeRun focuses on embedded Linux and GStreamer. Many, but not all, of our customers are doing some sort of audio / video streaming ( https://shop.ridgerun.com/collections/all).
> Miguel (CC'ed) will help you with this GstShark problem. He will provide support shortly.
> Regards,
> - Carlos R.
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> Ticket Name: Problems with GSTShark
> Ticket Description:
> I've been working with gstreamer for about a year and wanted to use your tools to profile my working pipelines (actually, programs) so I could debug future problems. I followed the instructions to 'git', make and install the code but I must have done something wrong.  The only time it seems to do anything is when I set GST_TRACERS=latency.  It then displays the latency in the running window like this:
> 0:00:01.739608128 4356 0xbb04a0 TRACE GST_TRACER :0:: latency, src=(string)videotestsrc0_src, sink=(string)fakesink0_sink, time=(guint64)1558941909, ts=(guint64)1739572905;
> 0:00:01.773075049 4356 0xbb04a0 TRACE GST_TRACER :0:: latency, src=(string)videotestsrc0_src, sink=(string)fakesink0_sink, time=(guint64)1588456647, ts=(guint64)1773053449;
> 0:00:01.806234476 4356 0xbb04a0 TRACE GST_TRACER :0:: latency, src=(string)videotestsrc0_src, sink=(string)fakesink0_sink, time=(guint64)1617668782, ts=(guint64)1806211230;
> This output is odd because what I read says the it should create a new subdirectory and dump the information in a file.  Even when I set that directory (GST_SHARK_LOCATION), it still dumps latency o the screen and and never creates a file.
> If I try any of the other tracers (cpuusage,framerate, etc) it just hangs after starting the pipeline - and that is your example pipelines from the wiki.
> I'm guessing I must have done something wrong with the installation but cannot figure out what.
> I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.6.
> Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
> John
> Tuesday, May 28, 2019 8:05:08 PM CST, John Hanks <jhanks at vsicorp.com>: 
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