Webrtc wit appsrc

Anton Pryima zingfrid at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 10:41:01 UTC 2020

Hello Matthew,

Thanks for quick reply,
Basically, I don't provide caps. But I'm pushing samples to the appsrc - so
it has caps by default. But I was trying to set caps explicitly - with no
BTW, I should set caps on webrtcbin or on appsrc sinkpad? Basically, I was
able to proceed, with dirty hack - calling on_negotiation_needed(webrtcbin,
userdata) callback function manually, right after I configure a transceiver.

But what is the correct way?

Best regards,

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 8:20 AM Matthew Waters <ystreet00 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Are you providing caps to your appsrc?  I can't remember if appsrc will
> delay the caps event until the first buffer or not so that may be a reason.
> On 5/8/20 5:55 am, Anton Pryima wrote:
> Hello all.
> I have a pipe:
> appsrc->rtph264pay->webrtcbin.sink
> But, when I setting up everything, and pipeline is not running yet, I
> received an error:
> DEBUG              webrtcbin
> gstwebrtcbin.c:5722:gst_webrtc_bin_change_state: changing state: NULL =>
> LOG                webrtcbin
> gstwebrtcbin.c:1341:_check_if_negotiation_is_needed:<sendonly> checking if
> negotiation is needed
> LOG                webrtcbin
> gstwebrtcbin.c:1346:_check_if_negotiation_is_needed:<sendonly> no
> negotiation possible until caps have been received on all sink pads
> After that, I'm starting pipeline and it working fine, no issues:
>  DEBUG              webrtcbin
> gstwebrtcbin.c:5722:gst_webrtc_bin_change_state: changing state: READY =>
> DEBUG              webrtcbin
> gstwebrtcbin.c:5722:gst_webrtc_bin_change_state: changing state: PAUSED =>
> And that's all. No more on-negotiation-needed callback. Nothing.
> How to proceed further with webrtc connection? How to re-init it after
> the pipeline is running to make it call on-negotiation-needed callback?
> Thank you in advance,
> Best regards,
> Anton.
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