gStreamer memory leak observed when restarting the pipeline multiple times

surajketan Suraj.SAMAL at
Wed Aug 5 15:57:38 UTC 2020

Hi Tim, Sorry for a late response. I only observed your reply today (for some
reason, your response didnt send me a email alert.)
I wanted to tell you, that this is just a smaller version of our original
program which also leaks memory.The memory usage of the program increases
when the pipeline gets restarted over and over again. We have tried valgrind
and gst tracer, and libasan as well, and none of them reported any issues
with the code. Even using GST_DEBUG and GST_DEBUG_DUMP_DOT_DIR  we saw that
the pipeline elements look ok and are destroyed each time  (however it
assigns newer name with each restart e.g rtspsrc1, rtspsrc2 and so on). 

For this simple program, mem usage increases from 50 MB (when first time it
creates the pipeline) to about 100MB (on 50th restart). Any suggestions?

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