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Ben Rush ben at
Wed Aug 12 00:21:47 UTC 2020

I'm attempting to build a Xamarin Forms app (Android) that uses the WebRTC
stuff. I'm running into some quirky behavior and I really don't know where
to begin to diagnose it. I can respond with details about how I've got the
project setup, but I think the biggest question I have at the moment is
related to the following errors which get printed out by logcat:

08-11 16:43:16.105 I/GLib+stdout(29646): Connecting to server...

*08-11 16:43:17.336 I/GLib+stdout(29646): Conversion from character set
“en-US” to “UTF-8” is not supported*
*08-11 16:43:17.336 E/GLib+GLib(29646): g_error_new_literal: assertion
'message != NULL' failed*
08-11 16:43:17.349 I/GLib+stdout(29646): Connected to signalling server
08-11 16:43:17.349 I/GLib+stdout(29646): Registering id 4532 with server

*08-11 16:43:17.355 I/GLib+stdout(29646): Conversion from character set
“en-US” to “UTF-8” is not supported*

*08-11 16:43:17.355 E/GLib+GLib(29646): g_error_new_literal: assertion
'message != NULL' failed*
*08-11 16:43:17.355 E/GLib+GLib(29646): g_error_free: assertion 'error !=
NULL' failed*

Basically, the websocket code connects to my signalling server, but then
immediately disconnects after the above errors related to message!=null
assertions fail. I have to assume the root of the issue is due to the
character set conversion error, but I don't know for sure.

When using the exact same .so files and GStreamer.jar from a pure Java
Android app, it works (it's basically the gstwebrtc sample), but for
whatever reason when interacting with these files from Xamarin the above
errors get dumped.

After some investigation I found this:

...which appears to be the closest I can find to what I'm encountering.
However, I'm not entirely sure how to set this parameter since I'm not
explicitly calling gst_init() from the Android code. So, I'm somewhat lost
as to what message is (possibly?) not being converted correctly and
(possibly?!) failing the assertion.

My back is somewhat up against the wall here, any input would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks,

P.S. the code is here: I'm
essentially trying to implement the sample in Xamarin Forms with the hopes
of adding it to the samples.
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