Closed Captioning pipeline ??

chakra wire.chakri at
Sat Feb 8 11:11:36 UTC 2020

Can I use CCCOMINER to add text stream to gst-rtsp-server?

I have a use case where I want to send some metadata telemetry of stream
from ip camera like GPS information as text along with  video

So with gst-rtsp-server where h264 encoded video is payloaded as rtph264pay
name="pay0" I want to send this metadata text stream along. 

Can I use this cccombiner and ccextractor for my use case?

I want to send metadata as parallel stream via RTP along with video or some
rtp headers within stream, but not burning on video frame. So no encoding of
text into video

Please let me know if closed captions can help here or any other options to
do this in better way?

Any examples would be really helpful


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