Buffer splitting logic

tlpl tomasz.ludwisiak at oke.pl
Sun Feb 16 15:15:41 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to GStreamer. Nevertheless, I am currently working on
implementing custom plugin for my small application. I have hit a wall
that's why I decided to ask community for help. 

What I would like to achieve in short: after reading some .mp4 file,
demuxing it and being left with "video" (frames) part of, I am trying to
split every single video frame into /n/ sub-frames. After splitting, which
will be done by my custom plugin, all sub-frames are pushed to next element,
which process them one by one and sends them to some sink. When all
sub-frames are processed next batch of sub-frames may be received for
processing. To my current understanding this involves splitting original
buffer in my custom plugin, in /chain/ function, into /n/ sub-frames.

My question here is more about logic of data flow than the implementation
itself. After splitting the original buffer into sub-buffers how am I
suppose to push / handle multiple resulting buffers into next GstElement in
the pipeline? I don't mind queuing buffers before next element - anything
will work. The only problem here is producing and pushing multiple buffers
from a single element to the next.

I hope I made my question clear enough, and haven't missed anything while
searching for an answer before. Any direction, guide or tips will help.
Thank You in advance!


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