change rtsp server port

Stephenwei lofy.stephen at
Tue Feb 18 09:43:00 UTC 2020

I try to change sample code gst-rtsp-server-1.14.4/example/test-video.c

1. gchar *port = (gchar *) argv[2]; 
    g_object_set (server, "service", port, NULL);
    got error  "gst_rtsp_server_set_service: assertion 'service != NULL'

2. g_object_set (server, "service", "554", NULL);
    got error "failed to attach the server"

3. gst_rtsp_server_set_service (server,"554");
    got error "failed to attach the server"

Change DEFAULT_SERVICE  and rebuild again is a solution, but have another
way to slove it?

Thank you.

GStreamer is a convenient multimedia platform, I like it. 
Develop the NVR system on ARM/x86(c/python)
Use python to generate NVR is crazy, of course works fine.

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