blocking the audio and video?

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Tue Feb 18 21:50:06 UTC 2020

rtspsrc ! video depay ! video parse ! video tee ! video queue ! fakesink !
video teename ! video queue ! mp4mux ! filesink! audio depay ! audio parse !
audio tee ! audio queue ! fakesink ! audio teename ! audio queue ! mux name
when I go to block the audio or video pad on the queue to the mp4mux it will
not let me for some reason sometimes either both or one. It will work for
sometime then will not be able to and have to restart the pipeline. is there
a way to check and see if you can block the pad or not?sometimes the
changing state to an element either the pipeline or element will make the
hangup and freeze. sometimes will hangup on the null state on elements.I
notice that if I am make a thread by using _beginthreadex in the windows
will happen more often. If i use the method 	g_timeout_add_seconds(2,
(GSourceFunc)stop_encoding, NULL); will not happen often. but it still
happens after sometime. All i'm doing is blocking the video and audio queue
to the mp4mux.1. sending eos through the remain elements pass the block.2.
put null on the elements which is queue's, mp4mux, filesink.3. unlink the
elements and remove from bin.4. re assign new elements and put in
pipeline.5. link the elements.6. re-play the elements created.

Gstreamer 1.14.3
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