gst_clock_get_time: assertion 'GST_IS_CLOCK (clock)' failed

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Mon Jun 1 14:14:37 UTC 2020

Le lundi 01 juin 2020 à 04:02 -0500, Aniket0987 a écrit :
> Hi,I've been trying to capture an RTMP stream and save it as mp4. I'm usingsplitmuxsink for mp4 creation. Pipeline as follows:rtmpsrc location='rtmp:// live=1' do-timestamp=true !

rtmpsrc is not a live source, hence do-timestamp not being an appropriate property for this element. This was discussed recently in another thread, this property is a "foot gun" to follow the wording trends these days. You can cheat a little, and turn this into a live pipeline (hence ensuring you have a clock), using "identity sync=1" right after it. I haven't tested, but I believe it should work.
> decodebin ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw,format=RGBA ! queue leaky=downstream! videoconvert ! video/x-raw,format=I420 ! openh264enc ! h264parse !splitmux name=mp4 max-size-time=10000000 max-size-bytes=13421778location=/tmp/new_ sync=false !
> I'm getting following error for my splitmuxsinkGStreamer-CRITICAL **: 14:20:31.326: gst_clock_get_time: assertion'GST_IS_CLOCK (clock)' failed
> It seems my frame grabber is not able to get splitmuxsink's internal clock.What could cause this?
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