Alexa SDK with gstreamer not playing audio

deeps8us deeps8us at
Fri Jun 5 03:59:31 UTC 2020

We are integrating Alexa SDK on Broadcom platform.
For audio output, Alexa uses appsrc -> decoder -> decodedQueue -> converter
-> volume -> audioSink pipeline

In a Broadcom device, this gave error and no audio playing
WARN               decodebin
gstdecodebin2.c:4679:gst_decode_bin_expose:<decoder> error: no suitable
plugins found:
Missing decoder: audio/x-brcm-native (audio/x-brcm-native,

gst-launch filesrc location=<mp3_file> ! decodebin ==> also gives same error

But instead of decodebin, if I pick individual elements, it work. 
gst-launch filesrc location=<mpe_file> ! mpegaudioparse ! brcmaudiodecoder !
brcmaudiosink (works)
These same elements are used in decodebin as well. 

Any pointers would help.


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