gstreamer raspbian buster rpi4 h264 omx HD video not working

horai ivo.hora at
Sat Jun 6 11:50:16 UTC 2020

Dear sir,

We do not use playbin, we rather contruct pipeline manually since we have a
finer control over the flow and elements.
Which graphical server do you use? Wayland or X11?
We try to program a multi window player and we faced some issues regarding
Wayland, but there have been quite a few changes since then and I would
really encourage you to try waylandsink with v4l2h264dec (have a look at
proper settings to get hardware acceleration), it was blazing fast.
The same we did on X11 graphical server Embedding sink into GTK window
brings some things to resolve and finding a working and fast solution
(especially combination of codec and sink) was a matter testing. There is a
huge variety of sinks which go along with GTK and v4l, just list all of them
the via:
gst-inspect-1.0 | grep sink
And pick the ones related to video.
Initially, cluttersink seemed very suitable for our purpose (must be
installed from repository libclutter-gst-3.0-dev), but we dropped it.
I was not successful in embedding kmssink into GTK window (nor I managed to
run it under X11 or Wayland), but it has already been a long time since I
tried it last, therefore I would encourage you to try it as kmssink was
fabulously fast without X11.
I guess,using OMX on RPi4 with KMS support is not possible since it disables
binary proprietary Broadcom driver used by OMX, there might be some chance
using fake-KMS, but I would really encourage you to use v4l, it is a

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