Using webrtc with boost/beast websocket library

kaladin pausanchez1998 at
Mon Jun 8 16:06:32 UTC 2020


I'm trying to develop a websocket server that send a webrtc stream to its
clients using gstwebrtc and boost. This server had already been developed in
Java and were working fine (we did it in java to begin with because the app
that creates the clients is also in java and was easier that way) but right
now we're trying to accelerate the pipeline using hardware accelerated
encoding/decoding in our nvidia jetson tx2.

The hardware acceleration is working fine, sending a stream from there to a
java websocket server works ok, our problem is coming from the websocket
server. I developed it using both the ( boost websocket server example
) and the  gstwebrtc demos <>  
the default demo from that repo uses libsoup and we didn't manage to make it
work on the board, so we decided to use boost instead.

The websocket server itself works just ifne when tested with simple clients,
whenever it receives "SESSION_OK" from a client it starts a pipeline and
sends offers, our problem comes when trying to use it with and acctual
webrtc client, suddenly the offer and ice candidate messages stop being
received by the client (anything sent before starting the pipeline work ok,
and sending stuff after starting the pipeline doesn't give any errors, it's
just not received). 

Is there any reason the server it's not being able to negotiate with the
client without any errors on either side? I cannot provide the clients code
since it's from a bigger app but the problem is most likely in the server
since the client was working before with another server and hasn't been

The sever code is the following: (both a test pipeline and the acctual
pipeline that we're using are there, both provide the same results)

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