Questions about SRT, gsttranscode and process outputting infomration

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Tue Jun 9 06:52:29 UTC 2020

Hello this is a follow up to the questions that I asked here

1. Is there a way to output some clear information about how much of a file has been processed such as the percentage or the duration of the file that has been processed so far for example when transcoding a video.

2. when trying to change a copy of what I had done so far, which was changing the decodebin example to output to a file using a filesink with an encoding profile to work with SRT I thought that it would just be a matter of switching the filesrc to srtsrc along with the input location to an url ,but it just outputs this vague error: Error! State-change error. Is there something I am missing that's different between using filesrc and srtsrc or is the error caused by something else.

3. is there some sort of plan when the gsttranscode library and the plugins built using it with be stabilized as from what I can tell it looks like it would make what I'm trying to do a lot easier.
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