IP camera feed is not got after a network reconnection

nishitha nishitha.a at ignitarium.com
Tue Jun 16 07:17:28 UTC 2020

I am getting stream from an IP camera as rtsp packets. 
I have written a gstreamer app at the client side to display the video. 
The IP camera network connection will be removed (or LAN cable will be 
But the application should not stop, the rtspsrc should wait till IP camera 
is reconnected to network. The video display should continue once camera is 

If IP cam is reconnected within 40 seconds, the video display will restart, 
but if that timeout increase, the application gets stuck. 
I tried increasing timeout, tcp-timeout and retry values. Still no luck. 

What should be done to increase the timeout ? I changed increasing timeout,
tcp-timeout and retry properties of rtspsrc. But still no luck,

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