rtsp: test-launch vs c

Goran Broeckaert broeckaert.goran at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 13:16:41 UTC 2020


I have a rtsp server with a pipeline which works in c code. I want to add
onvif timestamps in the rtp extended header. There is a module in the
gst-plugins-bad which does this, called gstonviftimestamp. I tried to add
this to my pipeline, but this makes the program crash when a client wants
to connect. Tried to debug the client connection using debug level 4, but
no explicit errors found.

Next step I used the test-launch application from the gst-rtsp-server
plugin. With this I can give a pipeline via command line. Using this
solution the pipeline with the gstonviftimestamp works (including the

I'm using gstreamer 1.16.2, gst-rtsp-server 1.16.2 and gst-plugins-bad

What should I do next? Are there any suggestions?

Kind regards,
Goran Broeckaert
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