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Goran Broeckaert broeckaert.goran at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 11:36:28 UTC 2020


Sorry, I didn't word it properly. It's not that my application crashes,
it's just that I do not get any images on the receiving end.

I have done some further research and I've been able to differentiate
something: when sending the packets using unicast, the same pipeline works
properly. While using multicast, the pipeline does not work. In the
multicast application, I've removed the gstonviftimestamp element from my
pipeline and it works fine.

Thanks for the help. Kind regards.
Goran Broeckaert

Op wo 17 jun. 2020 om 15:16 schreef Goran Broeckaert <
broeckaert.goran at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> I have a rtsp server with a pipeline which works in c code. I want to add
> onvif timestamps in the rtp extended header. There is a module in the
> gst-plugins-bad which does this, called gstonviftimestamp. I tried to add
> this to my pipeline, but this makes the program crash when a client wants
> to connect. Tried to debug the client connection using debug level 4, but
> no explicit errors found.
> Next step I used the test-launch application from the gst-rtsp-server
> plugin. With this I can give a pipeline via command line. Using this
> solution the pipeline with the gstonviftimestamp works (including the
> gstonviftimestamp).
> I'm using gstreamer 1.16.2, gst-rtsp-server 1.16.2 and gst-plugins-bad
> 1.16.2.
> What should I do next? Are there any suggestions?
> Kind regards,
> Goran Broeckaert
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