Do we need to fix the GstBuffer pts / duration lost issue in tcp transfer?

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Thu Jun 18 12:49:33 UTC 2020

Le mer. 17 juin 2020 10 h 45, F32 <feng32 at> a écrit :

> Hi,
> The GstBuffer's fields like pts and duration are important attributes for
> the pipeline, but I have noticed that they are not transferred with TCP.
> The possible fix is rather simple. We just need to a add a header that
> contains these fields.
> It seems to me that this issue should be fixed long ago, but it's not. Is
> there any special reason that we have not fixed it?

This has large amount of solutions. As you said, you just need a header. So
in RTSP protocol, they solves this through RTP payloader (as defined in the
spec). On the web, with prerecorded streams, ISOMP4 seems to be the most
popular, but webm/matroska has some extra features allowing live content.
For audio, most compressed format already provide the playback rate, which
is sufficient (used in web radios). MPEG TS format should also work.

Though, for fixed latency/real-time use cases, TCP is usually the wrong
choice as it can at any time start buffering at any point in the network,
adding extra latency and possibly exhaust the budget.

> Regards,
> Windy
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